From the moment I first commandeered my father's Nikon camera at the age of 13, amidst the vast, open fields of our North Dakota farm, my world was set on an irrevocable path of endless creativity. Growing up in the middle of nowhere, where the horizon stretches endlessly under a dome of shifting skies, those early days of experimenting with black and white photography laid the foundation for a transformative journey. It was a journey that would eventually lead me from the tranquil, rural idylls of my youth to the vibrant, chaotic tapestry of urban life. In the bustling cities, far removed from the isolation of the farm, my passion for color—in both life and photography—found its full expression, blossoming amidst the concrete and chaos.

My artistic pursuits took me to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I delved into the world of theatre at Point Park University. This chapter not only honed my storytelling skills but also deepened my understanding of dramatic expression, further enriching my photographic vision. The call of Los Angeles soon followed, promising the allure of an acting career. Yet, I found my true calling remained steadfastly behind the lens, prompting me to refine my craft at the Art Center College of Design in LA.

The vibrant, dynamic city of London then became my canvas, where I embraced the role of a visual storyteller for Sainsbury's, one of the UK's leading supermarkets. My 2.5 years there were a testament to my ability to capture the essence of brand and consumer experience through photography. It was also in London that I ventured into entrepreneurship, launching Crystal’s Cookies, an American-themed indulgence that added a sweet note to South East London’s culinary scene.

Now, as I navigate the dynamic landscapes of Singapore, my life unfolds as a journey of a global citizen, having woven through the diverse tapestries of North Dakota, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, London, and now Singapore. Each city has not been a final destination but a chapter in the expansive journey of life, contributing to my rich tapestry of experiences. This worldview allows me to approach my creative and entrepreneurial ventures with a unique global perspective. From the serene expanses of North Dakota to the historical depth of London and the bustling vibrancy of Singapore, each locale offers unique stories and perspectives, making me a transient storyteller in the grand odyssey of life.

Photography, to me, is more than capturing moments; it's about creating connections and capturing the essence of my subjects with intimacy and depth. My work is a dialogue with the viewer, an invitation to explore the world through my eyes, from the tranquil plains of North Dakota to the vibrant neighborhoods of Singapore. My portfolio is a testament to my journey, marked by the places I've called home: North Dakota, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, London, and now Singapore.

As I embrace the freelance landscape, my mission remains to engage with a wider array of subjects and stories. My diverse skill set, encompassing photography, marketing, baking, and brand development, is a bridge between cultures and communities. Each project, each shoot, is an opportunity to stretch the limits of my creativity and leave a lasting imprint on the tapestry of global art and entrepreneurship.