My passion for photography began when I was 13. I stole my father’s Nikon and started experimenting with black and white photography around the small town where I grew up in North Dakota. It wasn't long before I was drawn away from this rural idyll and towards the bright lights of the city - where I discovered the world was full of colour - in both my life and my photography! 
With taking photographs still very much a hobby I initially followed another childhood ambition and studied theatre at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 
After university I moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career but found that I was spending more time behind the lens than in front of it, and so found my way back to photography. While in LA, I also studied photography at the Art Center College of Design to develop my skills and deepen my understanding of the technical side of the process. 
I now live in London where I recently became a British Citizen. Having just spent the last 2.5 years shooting for Sainsbury's (one of the UK's largest supermarkets) I am now stepping out into the freelance world to widen my opportunities and subject matter. I love working with people but my talent does not lie solely with a camera - it is also in the relationship I build with my subjects, ensuring that my photography still feels personal and intimate. I see every new shoot as an opportunity to extend myself and my art. Working closely with each subject to create and capture the desired image, while not losing sight of what I am photographing.